What A Semester

This semester has been a long and turbulent one. I have gone through the gauntlet, if you will, of grades and projects. Keeping a blog has been more rewarding than I thought it would be. I was skeptical at first about keeping one. I always thought the stereotype of a “blogger” was never going to be me. Than once I saw people enjoyed my writings and even subscribed I felt like it was a good platform for expressing one’s feelings. I have expressed a lot about many topics that have run through my mind. Each prompt gave me something original to write and that was always nice. To not continue would be the easy thing to do but I wasn’t raised to do the easy I was raised to go above and beyond. A blog is a good way to talk about things some people can’t voice. I want to be that voice for the masses. I think I can keep a solid following if I just keep it real. No need to be flashy or cute just be real. I am more than excited about the results I have received from each and every blog post. I remember when I got my first like and how excited I became. Things like that are what we should take away from a class every time. See when you have an open mind and you open your heart you get results of a different kind. You take a true lesson away from a semester full of lessons. You learn that heart trumps stereotypes even of a blogger.