I love Pigskin

The title maybe misleading to some. I don’t love pigskin as in bacon or pork rinds, rather the football. Everything about football I love from the crisp air to the touchdowns. I never got to play football competitively in school and as sad as that makes me I still know that I have a passion for the game. I watch games during the season more than I watch anything else during the year. College football is my favorite because the energy is so much better then the NFL. My favorite team is Oklahoma and it is because they are the first team I ever watched. I wanted to be a quarterback so bad I would go in the front lawn and just throw the ball to myself. As of now, I don’t see myself being a quarterback but I do see myself being around the game I love. I am a communications major and I am looking to be involved with public relations. I want to use that degree to work with the Denver Broncos, not because they are my favorite team (although I do like them) but because I want to experience football in a city that is rather devoted to the sport. Interacting with the Public and being able to pursue my passion first hand is all I want to do with football. It may not be the dream little Justus had but it is a dream that I have and I am working for. There is nothing better than success and that is defined by hard work. Like the gridiron, I want my name etched in history. r112214_1600x900cc