My Influence

When I was little we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up.  While many of my classmates gave answers like Basketball player or Singer I said my dad. When asked who my role model is; it will be my father. He has been my drive for success since I was young. Growing up my dad gave me advice and lessons on how a man should be. He gave me a visual of what a good husband is. He was tough on me, I mean tough tough on me. He pushed me to be better than I was the day before. AS any adolescent I ignored my dad, took his warnings and lessons as just old people thinking. The more I matured and made mistakes the more I realized my dad was on to something. He taught me to respect authority and humble myself when I am dealing with people young and old. He taught me to not be a statistic. My dad came from nothing to something. He wants me to come from something to everything. Every dream I have he has supported and as they have changed he has never changed. I never understood why he pushed me so hard and why I got the tough love versus my little sister. He told me that he has to prepare me for life and prepare me for what a man has to carry on his shoulders. He gave me tough skin and gave me my drive to be success because you don’t want to let down your role model.


Positive Preception

TV has been debated ever since it has come out and it has an impact on our culture. The debate is whether or not it is positive or negative. I think it is both; we all need time to remove ourselves from real life. It can be positive because it is entertainment and it always brings happiness and a distraction in real life. In moderation, TV is a good past time, however, binge watching is what makes it negative. With the creation of Netflix and other services alike people can watch and re-watch popular programs. This is extraordinary technology and even has its positive merits. The negative is when we watch and neglect the real world. Yes, it is an escape from day to day life, however, we fall victim to staying in the fake because we avoid the real. The blanket of influence TV has is large and many people blame it for corrupting the population. I believe that the intentions of TV at its purest point is positive. We all need entertainment and TV gives us that at more affordable cost to what we desire from entertainment. We don’t have to go out the movies every weekend and we can feel safe in our homes. Like most anything, we have corrupted the system with impure entertainment which gives it a negative light. If we believe that there is positive on screen and moderate how and what we intake we can bring a certain filter to the negative. The truth of positive or negative is how we perceive what we receive.