Spring equals Madness

College is great don’t get me wrong, but high school in the spring time was the best. When I was in high school, spring meant basketball. We would meet up after school to shoot hoops and then watch the NCAA tournament by night. We would fill brackets out and put money on the fore mentioned brackets. The teachers would let us watch the tournament games during class and if they didn’t we would sneak off and watch them elsewhere. The sport, really being a winter sport, somehow has it’s greatest impact when the flowers bloom. It maybe because football is finally over but I believe it is because of the games played in March. Growing up, that is a dream, to play basketball in front of fans(and girls) and make that game winning shot. We simulate all the best moments and before we knew it, it wasn’t spring because of Easter it was spring because of hoops. From the sound of sneakers against the pavement to the swish of the net, that is what we lived for. We didn’t care about homework or due dates we cared about the orange ball that spun from our fingers like we were the stars of the game. Spring is  more than rain, we wanted confetti. It was less about the bees and more about how are game stung one another. Spring is where we became legends and became brothers, a family unbreakable and untouchable.That right there is the madness that is known as spring.


All-Star Game or Much Less.

The annual NBA All Star game concluded in NOLA this past weekend, and it was nothing short of boring. The Saturday night festivities were bland and the fans seemed more or less uninterested. The game itself, Sunday night, was an offensive filled night and as exciting as that was, it leaves a taste of vinegar in the mouth of a devoted fan. Now the score 192-182 looks astounding from a non-viewer of the game. However, taking a closer look at the game we see that there is a flaw in the game. These are the best players in the world, yet the game is boring and more boring each year. Why? Well, the simple answer is none of these stars want to injure themselves before the playoffs arrive, which is fair, but why have the game in the middle of the season? The NFL has there game at the end of their season. That brings up the difference though, the NBA season is about 82 games and the NFL has 17 games so NBA players need a break in the middle of their season, so that idea is off the table. How then do we make the game more competitive? The idea is for the first three quarters to be all offense. This is to entertain the fans, then  by the fourth the players are supposed ti play real defense. Over the last couple years however, we are missing that defense. I propose this to make the All-Star game more All-Star worthy. The players that are in contention for the playoffs play the offense filled three quarters. The fourth quarter use the young bucks and players not looking to make a playoff push go out and prove themselves worthy of the All-Star game. We would see some pretty amazing basketball then.