What A Semester

This semester has been a long and turbulent one. I have gone through the gauntlet, if you will, of grades and projects. Keeping a blog has been more rewarding than I thought it would be. I was skeptical at first about keeping one. I always thought the stereotype of a “blogger” was never going to be me. Than once I saw people enjoyed my writings and even subscribed I felt like it was a good platform for expressing one’s feelings. I have expressed a lot about many topics that have run through my mind. Each prompt gave me something original to write and that was always nice. To not continue would be the easy thing to do but I wasn’t raised to do the easy I was raised to go above and beyond. A blog is a good way to talk about things some people can’t voice. I want to be that voice for the masses. I think I can keep a solid following if I just keep it real. No need to be flashy or cute just be real. I am more than excited about the results I have received from each and every blog post. I remember when I got my first like and how excited I became. Things like that are what we should take away from a class every time. See when you have an open mind and you open your heart you get results of a different kind. You take a true lesson away from a semester full of lessons. You learn that heart trumps stereotypes even of a blogger.




My Influence

When I was little we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up.  While many of my classmates gave answers like Basketball player or Singer I said my dad. When asked who my role model is; it will be my father. He has been my drive for success since I was young. Growing up my dad gave me advice and lessons on how a man should be. He gave me a visual of what a good husband is. He was tough on me, I mean tough tough on me. He pushed me to be better than I was the day before. AS any adolescent I ignored my dad, took his warnings and lessons as just old people thinking. The more I matured and made mistakes the more I realized my dad was on to something. He taught me to respect authority and humble myself when I am dealing with people young and old. He taught me to not be a statistic. My dad came from nothing to something. He wants me to come from something to everything. Every dream I have he has supported and as they have changed he has never changed. I never understood why he pushed me so hard and why I got the tough love versus my little sister. He told me that he has to prepare me for life and prepare me for what a man has to carry on his shoulders. He gave me tough skin and gave me my drive to be success because you don’t want to let down your role model.

I love Pigskin

The title maybe misleading to some. I don’t love pigskin as in bacon or pork rinds, rather the football. Everything about football I love from the crisp air to the touchdowns. I never got to play football competitively in school and as sad as that makes me I still know that I have a passion for the game. I watch games during the season more than I watch anything else during the year. College football is my favorite because the energy is so much better then the NFL. My favorite team is Oklahoma and it is because they are the first team I ever watched. I wanted to be a quarterback so bad I would go in the front lawn and just throw the ball to myself. As of now, I don’t see myself being a quarterback but I do see myself being around the game I love. I am a communications major and I am looking to be involved with public relations. I want to use that degree to work with the Denver Broncos, not because they are my favorite team (although I do like them) but because I want to experience football in a city that is rather devoted to the sport. Interacting with the Public and being able to pursue my passion first hand is all I want to do with football. It may not be the dream little Justus had but it is a dream that I have and I am working for. There is nothing better than success and that is defined by hard work. Like the gridiron, I want my name etched in history. r112214_1600x900cc

Spring equals Madness

College is great don’t get me wrong, but high school in the spring time was the best. When I was in high school, spring meant basketball. We would meet up after school to shoot hoops and then watch the NCAA tournament by night. We would fill brackets out and put money on the fore mentioned brackets. The teachers would let us watch the tournament games during class and if they didn’t we would sneak off and watch them elsewhere. The sport, really being a winter sport, somehow has it’s greatest impact when the flowers bloom. It maybe because football is finally over but I believe it is because of the games played in March. Growing up, that is a dream, to play basketball in front of fans(and girls) and make that game winning shot. We simulate all the best moments and before we knew it, it wasn’t spring because of Easter it was spring because of hoops. From the sound of sneakers against the pavement to the swish of the net, that is what we lived for. We didn’t care about homework or due dates we cared about the orange ball that spun from our fingers like we were the stars of the game. Spring is  more than rain, we wanted confetti. It was less about the bees and more about how are game stung one another. Spring is where we became legends and became brothers, a family unbreakable and untouchable.That right there is the madness that is known as spring.

All-Star Game or Much Less.

The annual NBA All Star game concluded in NOLA this past weekend, and it was nothing short of boring. The Saturday night festivities were bland and the fans seemed more or less uninterested. The game itself, Sunday night, was an offensive filled night and as exciting as that was, it leaves a taste of vinegar in the mouth of a devoted fan. Now the score 192-182 looks astounding from a non-viewer of the game. However, taking a closer look at the game we see that there is a flaw in the game. These are the best players in the world, yet the game is boring and more boring each year. Why? Well, the simple answer is none of these stars want to injure themselves before the playoffs arrive, which is fair, but why have the game in the middle of the season? The NFL has there game at the end of their season. That brings up the difference though, the NBA season is about 82 games and the NFL has 17 games so NBA players need a break in the middle of their season, so that idea is off the table. How then do we make the game more competitive? The idea is for the first three quarters to be all offense. This is to entertain the fans, then  by the fourth the players are supposed ti play real defense. Over the last couple years however, we are missing that defense. I propose this to make the All-Star game more All-Star worthy. The players that are in contention for the playoffs play the offense filled three quarters. The fourth quarter use the young bucks and players not looking to make a playoff push go out and prove themselves worthy of the All-Star game. We would see some pretty amazing basketball then.

Positive Preception

TV has been debated ever since it has come out and it has an impact on our culture. The debate is whether or not it is positive or negative. I think it is both; we all need time to remove ourselves from real life. It can be positive because it is entertainment and it always brings happiness and a distraction in real life. In moderation, TV is a good past time, however, binge watching is what makes it negative. With the creation of Netflix and other services alike people can watch and re-watch popular programs. This is extraordinary technology and even has its positive merits. The negative is when we watch and neglect the real world. Yes, it is an escape from day to day life, however, we fall victim to staying in the fake because we avoid the real. The blanket of influence TV has is large and many people blame it for corrupting the population. I believe that the intentions of TV at its purest point is positive. We all need entertainment and TV gives us that at more affordable cost to what we desire from entertainment. We don’t have to go out the movies every weekend and we can feel safe in our homes. Like most anything, we have corrupted the system with impure entertainment which gives it a negative light. If we believe that there is positive on screen and moderate how and what we intake we can bring a certain filter to the negative. The truth of positive or negative is how we perceive what we receive.

Family Saves

Hey guys,

I wan to share about my experience drowning. It was the summer of ’06 and I was at my grandma’s cottage, this is located next to lake Michigan. The lake was the center of all fun that summer. After lunch we would go on boat rides,and before dinner we went swimming to the dock. One day the family went out on the boat ride and i choose not to go. My grandma and mom were on the dock awaiting the return of the voyage on the lake. While they were waiting, my eight year old self got in my trunks and went running for the lake. Well it is a rule that all young kids must year a life vest when playing in the water. I thought I put my on when I was running down the hill from the house. However I only looked at the vest never putting it on. As I went down the dock my Mom yelled my name and I didn’t acknowledge. I was eight can you really blame me. As I hit the water I was hit with instant fear, I didn’t have my life jacket and at the time I didn’t know how to swim and had a fear of deep water. As i was freaking in the water I saw my mom jump in the water (trust me that is not a typical sight). My mom pulled me into her arms and got me out of the water. The shock stayed with me the rest of the day and most likely for the the next couple of years until I conquered that fear of water. My mom had foot problems for a few years after the incident and that is because she hit her foot on the edge of the ladder. The experience taught me to always be prepared and take my time, the lake will always be there.