Family Saves

Hey guys,

I wan to share about my experience drowning. It was the summer of ’06 and I was at my grandma’s cottage, this is located next to lake Michigan. The lake was the center of all fun that summer. After lunch we would go on boat rides,and before dinner we went swimming to the dock. One day the family went out on the boat ride and i choose not to go. My grandma and mom were on the dock awaiting the return of the voyage on the lake. While they were waiting, my eight year old self got in my trunks and went running for the lake. Well it is a rule that all young kids must year a life vest when playing in the water. I thought I put my on when I was running down the hill from the house. However I only looked at the vest never putting it on. As I went down the dock my Mom yelled my name and I didn’t acknowledge. I was eight can you really blame me. As I hit the water I was hit with instant fear, I didn’t have my life jacket and at the time I didn’t know how to swim and had a fear of deep water. As i was freaking in the water I saw my mom jump in the water (trust me that is not a typical sight). My mom pulled me into her arms and got me out of the water. The shock stayed with me the rest of the day and most likely for the the next couple of years until I conquered that fear of water. My mom had foot problems for a few years after the incident and that is because she hit her foot on the edge of the ladder. The experience taught me to always be prepared and take my time, the lake will always be there.


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