Who Am I

First blog of the semester and to be honest I thought for sure I would never have a blog but here I am and I’m hoping to make the most of this. I consider myself a writer because I am a communication major and want to go into broadcast journalism. I wrote for the Clarion my first semester and had a front page story. I do however humble myself and know that I have plenty to learn and hope to utilize my skills and equip new ones. I want better grades on  my papers this semester and truly give a well rounded paper. The research paper is what I will look to the most for improvement. I was disappointed and hoping for a better grade. Blogging is something I am not accustomed to. The truth is, I believed blogs were weird and would never be for me. This is a chance to step out of my comfort zone and really learn a new style of writing. My goal is to learn to be less impersonal in my writing this semester. The reason that is my goal is because I am very impersonal in general, I lack disclosure for whatever reason. That hinders my writing every so often and for that reason it needs to be eradicated from my weaknesses. The whole goal is to make my weaknesses strengths and to find new goals moving forward.  I am excited for growth and an amazing semester all around.

Until Next Time,




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